For Individuals


Expatriate Taxation

Moving overseas for an exciting new opportunity? As you embark on a new chapter in your life, M Squared will guide you through the US tax laws that are applicable to expatriates. While you are abroad, you are still required to file US tax returns annually. During the year of transition and subsequent years, there are opportunities to exclude income that you earned abroad from US taxation. M Squared will work with you to ensure you maximize your opportunities for deductions and exclusions.


Inpatriate Taxation

Welcome to the United States! As you transition yourself and your family to the United States, the last thing you probably want to worry about is taxes. M Squared will take the burden of US tax compliance away from you. We will assist with your annual US tax compliance and provide US tax consultation PRIOR to your move to the US so you can make informed decisions that can affect your US tax liability during the year of transition.

Examples include:

  1. Determination of the most tax-efficient US filing status during the first year in the United States
  2. Reviewing your foreign investments (i.e. mutual funds, pensions) to determine their US tax implications
  3. Reviewing applicable tax treaties to see if they can be beneficial to your scenario

For EB-5 visa holders, as you receive your green card, we can help educate you on the US tax laws that are now applicable to you and help you make the right decisions with respect to your financial profile.


US Real Estate

Purchasing US real estate, either for personal use or for investment purposes, can have significant US tax consequences. M Squared will guide you through the following phases of your investment:

  • Acquisition phase: Setting up a tax efficient acquisition structure and determining appropriate holding company type (i.e. LLC, C Corporation, Partnership, Domestic and Foreign Trusts).
  • Operating phase: Filing your annual US tax returns. At your request, M Squared can also provide property management services.
  • Exiting phase: M Squared will provide a tax efficient exit strategy for your investment. For the foreign sellers, we will help you navigate US FIRPTA requirements and can fully educate you before your exit.

We work with a network of real estate attorneys that can assist with setting up legal entities and drafting and reviewing legal documents.


Delinquent Offshore Filings

M Squared loves cleaning up messes. We have extensive experience with offshore delinquent filings. Currently, the IRS has various programs, including the resident and non-resident streamline programs and offshore voluntary disclosure program, that allow taxpayers (both individuals and entities) to become current with their offshore filings while paying little to no penalties.

We can help you determine which program is right for you and get you current with your US tax filing obligations as soon as possible.